GPRMS (Grama Panchayat Reporting and Monitoring System) is an online reporting and monitoring system for panchayat department made active from may 2016. It was developed by program management unit of RGSA (Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan). The aim is to facilitate the reporting of the local bodies to the district offices and directorate with better transparency and authentication. Through GPRMS, the panchayats can enter the details requested by the directorate and the entered data is verified and approved at different levels by the panchayat secretary, performance audit unit (PAU)Official and deputy director of panchayats (DDP) . State wise, district wise and panchayat wise reports of the data entered from the panchayats are available.

Currently about 80 Reports are available on various functional objectives of the panchayats . Any Information from the panchayats can be collected and made available at district offices and directorate using this platform. A human resource management system using the details of employees and databank for basic assets of the panchayats are being developed as part of GPRMS.

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